Our Story

As young professionals, we do not think anyone should be perfect, as perfection does not exist.
We strive to grow as professionals, team and human beings through constant learning and challenges life throw at us.

After TV – internet era shift, things have changed through reduced focus and excitement, and it was time for a new change.
In the new age, we rely on the premise and values of storytelling that has been present throughout human history.

The key elements we use in our work are stories and emotions backed up by data.
Creativity and art have been overlooked for a while, but now is their time to shine.
The era of advertising boom is coming. Be a part of it.

Our young team

We are a team of bold individuals who dare to research, create and build brilliant marketing solutions for our clients.
Our focus is on storytelling marketing as stories are the most efficient way of sharing information between people.

Humans evolved by telling stories and sharing experiences, and that’s how we remember things.
Through a combination of creativity, art, and data we use a customer-centric approach rather than an approach focused on organization.

When the set strategy does not give the wanted results, we change, improve and repeat.
Commitment to success and great effort always brings results.

Why do we create?

The spark that triggered our commitment to the field of digital marketing arose while trying to understand consumers’ decision-making and habits.
What drives the purchase? Why are some purchases instant and impulsive, while others need thorough analysis?

These kinds of questions are at the center of our work. People like numbers and well-checked facts when buying a product.
Narrating product specifications with data is easier with a story. People are emotional and empathetic beings, so they connect with stories.

Our role in the process is to combine your data with your product information and craft an engaging and relevant story around them.
Instead of fairy tales, we present a story, a true story. The story will last long after it was read or seen.

For the first time in history, we can identify the preferences of our potential customers.
We have an open dialogue. Choose to show your true colors and tell your story. Everyone will listen.